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WALKIE TALKIE 2 WAY RADIO Portable Handheld Headset Earpiece Personal LONG RANGE

WALKIE TALKIE 2 WAY RADIO Portable Handheld Headset Earpiece Personal LONG RANGE
WALKIE TALKIE 2 WAY RADIO Portable Handheld Headset Earpiece Personal LONG RANGE
WALKIE TALKIE 2 WAY RADIO Portable Handheld Headset Earpiece Personal LONG RANGE
WALKIE TALKIE 2 WAY RADIO Portable Handheld Headset Earpiece Personal LONG RANGE

WALKIE TALKIE 2 WAY RADIO Portable Handheld Headset Earpiece Personal LONG RANGE
Get This WALKIE TALKIE 2 WAY RADIO That Bring Huge Convenience For You To Communicate With Each Other In A Long Range About 6 Km. This Walkie Talkie 2 Way Radio is a great long range Walkie Talkie (handheld transceiver), It can bring huge convenience for you to communicate with each other in a long range about 6km. This items include 5 Walkie Talkies 2 Way Radio and the accesories. What's in the Box? 5 x BaoFeng BF 888S (UHF 400 469.995Mhz). 5 x 3.7v 1500mAh Li ion Rechargeable Battery. 5 x SMA Female Antenna. 5 x Desktop Charger (100V /240V). 1 x Baofeng Programming Cable (Support WIN7, 64 Bit PC). Walkie Talkie 2 Way Radio Feautures. Customer Questions & Answers about this Walkie Talkie 2 Way Radio: Q: Do these have private channels, so that way you can talk to just one person out of the 5 without them hearing the conversation? A: yes it has 8 channels you can get them one on one Q: What voltage does the charger run off of? Does it support 220v and 110v?

A: Hello my friend, Id be happy to answer this for you. On the bottom of the chargers units it states: INPUT: AC 110V-240V/50Hz OUTPUT: DC 5V--- 500mA Hope this helps.... Q: Do this Walkie Talkie 2 Way Radio come with a headset/earpeace? A: Yes each One come with One ear piece.

Customer Reviews For This Product. Impressed with Walkie Talkie 2 Way Radio I just received the radios yesterday. I ordered them for a large church with three stories and we needed a way to communicate to children's rooms on the third floor to the sanctuary in the basement. Our building is very well constructed and large. We have thick solid stucco walls.

I was greatly concerned about number one the quality and secondly about the ability for these radios to be able to penetrate through our walls and floors. But just as another reviewer mentioned the signal comes through crystal clear. I almost didn't give them five stars because they do not feel very well constructed but for the price if we get a couple of years use out of them I will be pleased.

They have a small flashlight near the antenna that seems to be ok but kind of funny at the same time. When you turn the radios on, you hear an audible voice telling you which channel you are on which is cool. Great radios at a great price Great radios for the price. Better build quality than I was expecting.

After cycling the batteries a couple of times. I lent a pair to one of our survey crews. I told them not to baby them, I wanted a real world test. They are jamming the clips (clips are screwed the radio body) over thick belts. Each time they have brought me the radios to charge (charges have been lasting about 3 work days) they are carrying them by the antennas. The volume and clearity have worked in all situations.

Have not dropped one in a creek yet. I took a pair on a family camping trip and got a range of about 3/4 of a mile, more than I expected. I highly recommend these units. Great Walkie Talkie 2 Way Radio Great coverage and distance as advertised.

The clips on the back of the radios broke off when used the second or third time. Paul Shively (WOODLAND HILLS, CA, US). Very Pleased with this Walkie Talkie 2 Way Radio I bought these for the marine industry. There are so much chatter while moving around in port that we wanted something everyone else didn't have to work on.

These seemed to be the answer. I'll start with the products construction.

It feels cheap but nothing has broke the 1st week of use. Clarity - I think it is actually better then the expensive one we use, may be that chatter is eliminated so I can hear my deck crew better though. The ear piece is a heck of a lot better than I expected after reading the reviews. I didn't have a problem at all understanding the other person, never did anyone else. Crew likes them better then the old ones.

Programing - To program what freq. Be advised though, as stated, it doesn't use windows 8. Lucky a guy on the boat had windows7 and programing was done in a matter of minutes once we decided which freqs we were going to use. Freq usage - This has been a touchy subject so I did a lot of research due to my work area.

We have Helo ports around us along with USCG and various other agencies. All these things have certain freqs they work on so I looked up and used the business freqs and there are more than plenty to cover the 16 channels you can program into the radio.

I just used 7 freqs 7 set on low power and the same 7 set on high power. Also this radio works great for me because it will do VHF also.

I can program the working VHF freq we use into the radio right along with the UHF freqs eliminated the use for two radios. If I need to tell the deck crew something I can tell them to switch to channel 8 and the client can't hear what we are saying. It just keeps ships business personal. VOX function - This is a great tool if in security and such but was non functional for my use. The mic is very sensitive even set on the highest level.

The boat makes a lot of noise when docking due to all the screws and thrusters working and the mike would pick it up and constantly stay keyed. It works great, just not for what I use the radio for. CTCSS/DSC function - Again not for me. It works and works as intended. I tested this by programing two radios with it and one without. The one without could hear the two with it, just as designed. THE BIG PROBLEM is if the one was transmitting the other two didn't know because they couldn't hear the transmission. If they tried to report something the radio would not transmit because someone was using the freq. I immediately decided to do away with this function. Moving a 300' boat in close quarters I need to hear my deck guys. Busy Channel Lockout - This may fix the above problem but I didn't look into it. Have not heard any traffic on the freqs we are using so no big deal with interference. Scan function - Didn't use but I'm sure it works as intended. Scramble function - Tried to use it but couldn't get it to work. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Again no big deal for what I intend to use the radios for so didn't spend much time on it. If for security I may have spent more time on it.

Microphone on headset - This thing is very sensitive and works great and is very clear. Tested it out at least 1 foot from my mouth and was told it was crystal clear from the other person. Very impressed with the cheap looking earpiece/Mic combo. As a matter of fact I ordered 10 more, one for each crew member, so everyone doesn't have to share earpieces. Range - Well that is not a factor for me once it only needs to go 300' BUT, I did test it out inside the steel hull of the boat.

Good thing is I was able to talk to the Engine Room from the bridge. Pretty impressive once the signal is getting though 4 decks of steel. The radios didn't like the actual engine room where the engines were but worked fine in the Control room. My guess is the engines are putting off a freq that the radios didn't like. Belt clip - Again will see in time but the clip felt strong. Instuctions - Not very clear on the programing but can be figured out pretty quick. I just played with it and clicked all the buttons. That's when I found the VHF freqs. Very impressed with this product on the price. Highly recommend and don't worry about all the Lic. Point is the FCC has even talked to congress about doing away with the lic. This proposal is still pending. Excellent Walkie Talkie 2 Way Radio!

The software for programming these actually works, and is easy to use. There range is good and I really like the "Scramble" feature. Bob (LAFAYETTE, LA, United States). More items related to Walkie Talkie Radio.

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  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Frequency Band(s): UHF
  • MPN: Two Walky Talky Frs Gmrs Police Motorola Midland
  • Type: Portable/Handheld
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WALKIE TALKIE 2 WAY RADIO Portable Handheld Headset Earpiece Personal LONG RANGE