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6 Motorola MJ270 MJ430 FRS GMRS 2-WAY Radio Walkie Talkie AA NOAA Weather VOX QT

6 Motorola MJ270 MJ430 FRS GMRS 2-WAY Radio Walkie Talkie AA NOAA Weather VOX QT

6 Motorola MJ270 MJ430 FRS GMRS 2-WAY Radio Walkie Talkie AA NOAA Weather VOX QT

Tnank you for your interest in our product, we work for your satisfaction. We have greatest deals on 2-way radios and accessories! The MJ270 supports up to 22 channels across the GMRS and FRS spectrum. GMRS channels offer high range and power for longer distance communication. There are also 121 interference elimination codes, also known as privacy codes.

Codes 39-121 are digital, and they offer superior interference blocking when both radios are set to the same code. There's also an additional noise filter that filters out unwanted transmissions from other radios, something that's especially useful in places where there is a lot of radio traffic, such as a ski resort. You can also take advantage of the T9500 unique "iVox" feature, which allows you to transmit without pressing a button.

The radio detects the sound of your voice and automatically sends the transmission. No other accessories or headsets are required.

You can also use the traditional "Vox" mode which does require a headset. Have a great communication tool when you're out on the trail with the MJ270 from Motorola. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, it features a range up to 27 miles and gives you access to government weather channels.

Plus, it features an emergency alert and built-in flashlight, making it perfect for outdoor excursions. ITEM MAY HAVE WEAR MARKS.

Radios works on 3 AA batteries each. Up to a 27-mile range in optimum conditions. Receives 11 weather channels and 7 NOAA weather alerts.

Built-in flashlight helps you find your way around at night. Works on 3 "AA" batteries (not included). Features an emergency alert button. Includes a Quiet Talk filter. What's in the Box.

6 Motorola MJ270/MJ430 Radios, manual. What are the key points you need to look when choosing 2-way radio. Choose a two-way radio that will operate at needed distances, using higher wattage as the best indicator of transmission range. Remember that ranges are based on direct line of sight measurements, so buildings and natural features will reduce the usable range. Family Radio Service (FRS) radios allow for up to two miles of transmission, do not require a license and work right out of the box. General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) radios have more range and channels and require all users to obtain an FCC license before they begin transmitting.

Spending more will get you a two-way radio with more channels, which may be needed in densely populated areas. Look for dual-channel monitoring or channel scan for easier communications with multiple two-way radios and try to find a model that monitors weather and emergency channels. Better two-way radios use privacy codes that will keep outside conversations off your channel and scramble your conversations to keep eavesdroppers from hearing them.

For business applications where privacy is essential, consider leasing a private channel and getting two-way radios that can use it. Most families will be happy with replaceable batteries for home use and occasional outings. Daily two-way radio users should look for kits with rechargeable batteries that can be refreshed in a docking station.

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  • Type: Motorola
  • Brand: Motorola
  • Model: MJ270 / MJ430
  • MPN: GU5134A
  • Service: FRS/GMRS (Dual-Service)
  • Features: NOAA Weather Channels
  • Motorola Series: Talkabout
  • Channels: 22
  • UPC: 843677000078

6 Motorola MJ270 MJ430 FRS GMRS 2-WAY Radio Walkie Talkie AA NOAA Weather VOX QT